The Limbo Dimension of Trespasser Remakes

Jurassic Park: Trespasser was a tragedy. What would have been a revolutionary game fell victim to marketing and comercialization. It featured unprecedented technology: Advanced AI, sprawling organic areas, and even a physics engine. A physics engine, in 1997! That’s nearly a decade before Half-Life 2. Dreamworks Interactive wanted to push the game out in time for the release of Jurassic Park: The Lost World. Most of the planned features got cut down, and a game that would have looked like this:

Ended looking like this:

The game still generated a following, and influenced industry giants such as Crytek and Valve. Some of the game’s fans have embarked on crusades to remake the entire thing. Singular individuals attempting to recreate what an entire team with a triple-A budget couldn’t is herculean in the least. Many of these projects might never see the light of day. Still, here is some information on these remakes. Except for Trespasser Reborn, all are being done in CryEngine.


1. Trespassing Petrolia

petrolia (2)

Along with Jurassic Park: Aftermath, Trespassing is the most promising of all the remake projects. The blog is updated regularly, and plenty of update material has been released. Just look at those graphics!

2.  Jurassic Park: Aftermath


Aftermath also seems to have good chances of being released. It’s even got a reveal trailer! It’s being developed by conceptcrash, who prototyped the maps in Unity before apparently recreating them in CryEngine.

3. Trespasser Reborn


Not to be confused with Jurassic Park: Aftermath’s prototype phase, Trespasser Reborn was TheIdiot’s attempt to finish Trespasser in its own native engine. The project seemed pretty far ahead, though no information on it exists apart from that thread.

4. TresGuyMod’s Remake


All that exists of this project are two very blurry videos (video 1, video 2). The developer, TresGuyMod, doesn’t seem to have uploaded any other information or screenshots anywhere else. Still, his efforts are to be noted. That beach looks much nicer than the original.

5. Sumisukyo’s Remake


Sumisukyo’s has a little bit more information on it than TresGuyMod’s. There are plenty of screenshots in this thread. When he last released word on the project, he had finished integrated the game’s weapons.

And now for the bit some people are probably wondering about: How do the beach areas of each remake look? Here’s a graphic (click to enlarge):

beach comp


4 thoughts on “The Limbo Dimension of Trespasser Remakes

  1. I’m also the Trespassing Petrolia guy 🙂

    It’s really just called Trespassing now.

    I totally forgot i started the DoomHD blog on WordPress. I moved it over to Tumblr after just a few days. I’ve been meaning to remove the WordPress one.


    1. I should have been aware you were the same person 😀 Sorry about the mixup! I’ve actually become aware of Doom HD through Doom World and Deviantart, not WordPress, hehe. I hope to play both of your games soon.
      Keep doing the Lord’s work.


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